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Wiles Wins Her First Team Race on Specialized-lululemon

By Tayler Wiles I was so excited to see the women’s stage race return to Merco Cycling Classic this year!  … more

Van Dijk Takes First Big Team Race for the Season at Le Samyn

By Carmen Small: It’s cold, it’s raining, it’s grey, the mood is meh….but we are professionals so what do we … more

Cobbles + cold + carnage = spring classics-Blog by Loren Rowney

As I look outside this morning, the day after possibly….ok the hardest race I’ve ever done, it has started to … more

Normalcy-Blog by Carmen Small

The Webster” dictionary definition of normalcy is “the state or fact of being normal.”  So what is normal?  The word “normal” … more

Blog by Tayler Wiles

For several weeks leading up to camp, during my flight to camp, and even throughout the entire two weeks of … more

The Animal-Majorca camp-blog by Trixi Worrack

We are back at Mallorca camp , preparation for our first tour which starts  at the end of January  “Tour of Qatar“ . … more

Typical? A blog by Carmen and Katie

Typical? So we are here for the second training camp of the 2013 season in Majorca. We plan to” make … more

A ride with Specialized Lululemon 2013-Blog by Ellen Van Dijk

The first trainingcamp for the new season is behind us. I had a great time with all the staff, sponsors, … more

Another day in Portugal-Blog by Gillian Carleton

Well, this is it. It’s 9:20PM and I’m setting my alarm for the last morning yoga session of Team Specialized-Lululemon’s … more

Portugal-Blog by Loren Rowney

Plank offs, karaoke and granola- a day in the Specialized Lululemon camp You can always pick out an elite athlete … more

Portugal Day two-Blog by Ellen van Dijk

Teamcamp day 2 Despite of our 2012 celebration last night, we started our day again with the 7am yoga session. … more

Training Camp Portugal-Blog by Ally Stacher

Its that time of year again. Time for team camp. I’m excited to say that I’m apart of the Specialized-Lululemon … more