Trixi working hard in the break (c)EpicImages.US

Defending the Yellow Jersey – A blog by Trixi Worrack

By Trixi Worrack

Racing in the potato state Idaho – it is famous here for potatoes.

As our second team chef told us in training camp when he was a cyclist years ago (just notice it is not 200 years…) they had no potatoes to eat after the race, as it is good to eat for recovery after the race. Would have been good here for him, he could make it up and eat some good potatoes every day.

It is nice to be back racing here. When I was here in 2000 – so 12 years ago … I really enjoyed it as a 19 year old.  But also it kind of makes me feel really old when I think back. On the other hand, I was racing that year with Ina on the National team in this tour so it gives me a bit better feeling she is still around also racing again in one team  :).

Yesterday’s weather was really nasty rain and cold, so one of our team mates decided to put some hot cream on her chest . You might think that is an good idea , but later she came into the car and said “Trixi: my nipples are burning “ (so you can guess who it was :))

Today we had a lot of work ahead of us to keep the yellow. In the first 30 km lots of attacks were going on the flat. Ally, Loren and Emilia did a great job to cover them and close the gaps.  We had to climb 1600m today. It was a long climb but it was fortunately a steady climb. We had everything under control up there. Then there was a group of 40 coming to the finish and we could still manage to lead Ina out for the sprint. So she took the victory today. And Amber is still in yellow. One more day to go.