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My favourite type of week- Eating, training and chilling in Asheville – blog by Loren Rowney

By Loren Rowney

Quite often, the question is asked by non racers, or people just starting out, “what do cyclists eat?”, “What do you eat before training/racing, or after training?” I thought I would take this opportunity to write a blog about my one week stay with team mate Ally Stacher in Asheville. On Monday of last week Ally, Emilia and I finally arrived in Asheville after a hectic day of travel, thinking we would not make our flight due to an overly late and aggressive shuttle bus driver. After a late arrival, we woke up to freshly brewed JP Murphy coffee (Ally’s boyfriend Johns own blend of coffee) and I, being the early riser out of the bunch of us, sat in anticipation to try one of Ally’s famous “breakfast sandwiches”. A sandwich so tasty, it puts anything else you eat for breakfast to shame, and will keep you full and energized for your entire 4 hr ride. Because it was so fantastic and simple, I thought I would share the recipe. The key to this delicious slice of heaven is to make sure the eggs are over easy (I had no idea what that meant, but apparently it means the yolk is runny when you cut through with a knife). Crack two eggs into a frying pan at medium heat, once the egg starts to bubble a little, place a slice of ham on top and flip over. Let it cook a little while before placing a slice of cheese on top, the key is to not overcook the egg, you want it runny. Whilst this is going on, toast two slices of bread and smoother as much cream cheese as your heart desires, and a generous amount of avocado. Once the cheese is melted remove the egg, ham cheese concoction and place on top of the toast. Cut in half, and hopefully if cooked right, once you cut through, the egg will run out. Then, enjoy!

Ally’s famous breakfast sandwich:

Serves one:

2 eggs

2 slices of whole grain organic bread

Cream cheese

1 Cheddar cheese slice

Sliced ham


After this scrumptious breakfast, Emilia, Ally and I were fueled up and embarked on our 4 hour ride into the Asheville mountains, eventually climbing up to around 6000ft. Asheville is a truly beautiful part of the country, with Alpine forests, rivers and quite training roads, making it a haven for cyclists. So typically after a 4 hour ride you want to consume something with protein and some carbs to replace glycogen levels. After trying this smoothie recipe, you will never be able to drink another Jamba juice or boost juice (if you’re Aussie) smoothie ever again. I’m not even joking. Here’s the recipe.

Stacher Smoothie recipe:

Serves 4:

1 pear quartered

2 whole kiwis halved

2 bananas halved

1 cup of blueberries

4-6 large strawberries

1 200g tub of natural Greek yogurt

1 cup almonds

1 cup of rolled oats

Half a cup of flax seeds

2-3  cups of coconut milk depending on how thick you want your smoothie.

Agave- around a tablespoon

This amazing smoothie is both tasty and full of the goodness you need in a post ride meal. I tend to have a coffee and slice of toast with cheese and avocado on top of this. So our time in Asheville consisted of sleeping, waking late, making a delicious breakfast, riding through the day, juicing, cooking, resting and repeating the process. It’s weeks like this that I love, where you’re based in one spot for more than a few days, where you can relax, eat well, train hard and enjoy the simple pleasures in life, like a breakfast sandwich and a great coffee (well as great as an American coffee can be). Life of a Professional cyclist is an interesting one at that, I guess we’re almost like gypsies or traveling circus’s, never staying in one spot for very long. It’s my first year as a Neo pro, it’s been an adventure so far, and I love every bit of it.