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Family owned and operated, Hed Cycling Products is the official wheel supplier to the Specialized LuLuLemon Professional Cycling Team. Steve Hed has spent more than 20 years honing his skill and knowledge in the wind tunnel, making riders and equipment of all types as fast as possible.  The fastest wheels in the world are the end result of Steve’s efforts.

Proof of his expertise is well demonstrated in the countless road and time trial victories racked up by the members of this very team. Other technologies developed by Hed are utilized frequently to advise the team on the proper equipment choices or techniques for a particular race or stage event.

HED cycling products designs and manufactures 22 different models of composite and alloy wheels, which are exported worldwide and used in events from the Tour de France to the Hawaii Ironman to the prestigious North Oaks triathlon championship. Every single wheel is still handmade in the USA.