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Lezyne, after having established itself as a leader in the industry began looking for ways to partner with other leaders as well. After a successful partnership with the men’s and women’s Highroads cycling teams in 2010 and 2011, Lezyne has decided to move on with Team Specialized Lululemon.

“The team is made up of immensely strong women who also happen to have sterling careers to back them up. Lezyne is more than happy to partner with an industry standard and truly valued group of women such as these. Just as Lezyne is pushing at the forefront of product design and engineering, these women are pushing not only cycling in general, but women’s cycling forward at such a spectacular pace that we are simply trying to keep up. With a shared passion for perfection and a keen eye out for cycling and it’s future, Lezyne is extremely proud to be a partner of Specialized Lululemon and the amazing women that encompass it. True strength.” Lezyne

Check out the Team video created by Lezyne at the Specialized-lululemon training camp