The SGD team is comprised of world class design and photography professionals, brand experts, wordsmiths, cyclists, skiers, coffee connoisseurs.  Their work is an extension of their passions. They believe in clear, honest design, hard work, outdoor sport and living well.


Brad Sheehan founded Sheehan Graphic Design shortly after graduating from college. With a decade of professional design experience, working with clients one-to-one and building SGD from a one-man show into the full-service studio it is today, Brad has an uncanny ability to communicate a client’s message.

Many of SGD’s clients are outdoor sport-related brands. Once you’ve known Brad for a short time, it’s not a mystery why. As an avid cyclist and skier, Brad lives many of the brands he creates and works with. He brings his passion for sport and the outdoors to the table as an invaluable asset in these industries.