As the 2013 cycling season gets underway, Speedplay is pleased to join Specialized – Lululemon as the team’s official pedal supplier.  2013 also marks Speedplay’s 22nd year of producing the world’s most advanced and user-friendly clipless pedal systems. When Speedplay was founded in 1991, the company literally turned clipless pedal design upside-down by locating the locking mechanism in the cleat instead of in the pedal and by introducing its now ubiquitous lollipop-shaped, double-sided pedal design.  With a “crush-the-mold” design philosophy, Speedplay set new standards for virtually every measureable performance benchmark.  The 2002 introduction of Speedplay’s flagship Zero pedal added the much-desired feature of micro-adjustable float and further distanced Speedplay Pedal Systems from its competitors.

Speedplay is proud to be the pedal of choice for Specialized – Lululemon.  Feedback from the world’s best riders, like those of Specialized – Lululemon, is imperative to design and innovation at Speedplay.  We wish the riders, the staff and the management all the best, and we look forward to sharing the many successes to come in 2013.