Behind every successful athlete and team is a group of dedicated staff. At Team Specialized-lululemon we have a great group of staff who are passionate about cycling and the growth of the sport for women.

RONNY LAUKE is the team manager and directeur sportif. As an athlete he was world champion on the track and a 6-day rider. Over the last four years Ronny has become and expert in the sport of women’s cycling and has led the team to many a victory. His easy going personality gives him a good way of working with women.

BETH DURYEA is physiotherapist and head soigneur for the team. In 2013 she will also act as sport director at some races. She is not only skilled at keeping the athletes bodies in good shape, she is one of the most organised people you can meet and always has everything in perfect order so that the riders can simply do their jobs as well as being an accomplished athlete in her own right.

OLIVER GRABOWSKI is head mechanic and technical manager and one of the best mechanics around. The riders know with full confidence that if Oliver has built and worked on their bike it will be in perfect condition and will rarely have a problem.

KRISTY SCRYMGEOUR is the team owner and general manager. After retiring from cycling in 2002 she worked for for four years and has spent the last five years working in marketing and communications at High Road Sports.


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