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Tayler Wiles

20th July, 1989  | United States of America

Ahhhh…Taylor Swift, how we love you. But really. With the long blond hair and curls, people LOVE to give her that nickname (though we aren’t saying she’s going to answer to it). This Tayler came to cycling after a lifelong love for soccer that lasted from age 5 to age 18. She was determined to go to med school (silly girl) and she gave up soccer to focus on academics. Pretty soon, she found herself missing athletics and competition and her best friend was a local road racer. She got on a bike and never looked back.

She currently lives in Fairfax, California (a great place for training…hello Alpine Dam ride). Before races, she packs herself full of fruit, almond milk, quinoa and almonds. And if she’s really hungry, she’ll throw eggs and toast into the mix. Some of the people she respects most in the sport are Ina-Yoko Teutenberg and Marianne Vos. And if you tap into her playlist while she’s warming up for a race, you’re pretty certain to find some Florence + the Machine and some U2.

Her favorite meal: Chocolate chip cookies (which, yes, she realizes isn’t exactly well-balanced). Her nickname is cookie monster.

Her personal mantra: Dream big and dream fearlessly



2011 Results

  • 1st U23 National Time Trial Championships

2012  Results

  • 2nd Stage 6 l’Ardeche Stage Race
  • 3rd Stage 3 TT l’Ardeche Stage Race
  • 3rd GC l’Ardece Stage Race
  • Best Young Rider SRAM Tour of the Gila

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