Teutenberg wins Merced Road Race (c) Brian Hodes

Teutenberg Makes it Two

March 4, 2012, Merced, USA – Ina Teutenberg has claimed her second win of the season in as many days taking out the third and final stage of the Merco Cycling Classic in California, USA.

The 72mile, mostly flat course saw aggressive racing from the Specialized lululemon team again, however they were unable to establish a break that would last to the finish meaning Teute’s fast twitch fibre was again on call.

As Ina had shown in the Downtown criterium the night before she was the quickest in the peloton crossing the line with a comfortable lead to Joelle Numainville (Optum Pro Cycling) and Kristin Armstrong (Exergy Twenty12) who filled the minor placings.

Teute’s teammate Ally Stacher said it was important that the team raced their bikes aggressively in the final stage of the three day classic as the team is looking hone their fitness for the upcoming races.

“We all raced well today and made multiple good moves but everything was brought back” Ally explained of the race. “Clara rocked as a teammate and drove breaks making the other teams work. Evie raced with skill and was really aggressive and I was in a small break towards the end but it didn’t stick.”

“Loren took Ina home by helping her in the finish and we’re really pumped to get the win again today!”

After a beginning to Specialized lululemon’s first American racing stint and some great team work my bet is they’re now enjoying some good mexican and thai chow before some frozen yoghurt.

The American racing stint kicks off again with the San Dimas Stage race starting on the 16th of March before the Redlands Bicycling Classic a week later.