Teutenberg Wins First Stage of Brainwash Tour – A blog by Teutenberg

The first stage is in the books. There really is not much to write about as we enjoyed a beautiful day in Holland with temperature in mid twenties and no wind. It for sure doesn’t happen often that sun lotion is used instead of rain jackets here,  but I’m sure most of the peloton was happy to have a day of good weather to get cruising.

I said it already in the preview of this stage race that this year is so different and it is hard to get the body going or maybe it is just my old body and brain :).

Our main goal of the week is tomorrow’s TTT as we can use it as a last test before Worlds, so we decided to take it fairly easy today and just try to stay safe. We all came back in one piece. Evie and me avoided a crash early on and after that the manners in the field seemed pretty good towards each other.

After the last bonus sprint at 80km, the girls got a bit motivated and attacks started. Evie was all over it after she had double checked it was ok to do something. I was happy we started to get moving and have to say I needed some leg openers as I finally woke up during that time. This morning in our meeting I wasn’t so sure where I would be, as moving out of my apartment and training last week did catch up with me, but I thought I’d give it a go.

Sprinters can be exhausted but when we smell that finish line there is normally always something left in the tank. It was the usual chaos and dangerous situations in the last five kilometers but I made it somehow and had Trixi in last kilometer to get me where I had to be. The sprint did seem to take forever or rather it felt like we were going uphill…I was stoked to hold off the others and get a win in. Now we focus on tomorrow and after that we see what the rest of the week brings….hopefully some wind and echelon action.