The Animal-Majorca camp-blog by Trixi Worrack

We are back at Mallorca camp , preparation for our first tour which starts  at the end of January  Tour of Qatar . We went out with a nice tailwind and  climbed two times the San Salvador , beautiful view up there,  if you can enjoy it  and not think of the way back , which will be the whole time heavy  headwind.   It is our second day of training , and somehow nothing has changed,  if you compare it to last year’s camp here. It’s still the same scenario , we ride two rows side by side , normally the first 2 riders would change off the front to the back, but not here we rotate only in one row,  on one side  at a wind strength of 39 km/h!
Because Ellen “the animal” stays the whole time at the front while 4 of us change next to her . At the end my average watts was nearly like during the competition when we were back at the hotel.
So, same scenario then last year  I hope we survive  the next 6 days of training.  Best thing by far today,   after four hours   Ellen says :  “ girls I’m tired “   CAN YOU IMAGINE !? ;)
I wish the other  three girls and myself  good luck for the rest of the camp that we will survive the animal