Tour de Fajita – a blog by Emilia Fahlin

By Emilia Fahlin

My little America trip started almost two weeks ago, cruising by China for a week on the way over here.

Arriving in the US of A, I was a little time confused but was more than happy to get a warm welcome by team mate Loren, who I hadn’t seen since camp in December!

And by warm welcome I mean that she drove me straight to Chipotle after my quite interesting bus trip from LA to Bakersfield. That I call a quality teammate – she already picked up on my favorite US food destination!

Just to top it, she took me to another Mexican place for dinner..

Oh how happy I was to have found someone who could eat Mexican food every meal! And literally we almost did. Seven out of eight days we had fajitas for dinner, starting off in Bakersfield we made it through Santa Monica and over to Boise and the Tour de Fajitas will continue further to Philly, Asheville and Minneapolis in the upcoming weeks.

I would go as far to say Loren takes this even more seriously then me, as you could see if you looked her the photo album on her phone… It looks pretty tasty right??

So in between all this food we’ve made sure to ride our bikes too.

We had a pretty epic time trial experience in Bakersfield, where the 40 degree heat was a bit more than I was used to from the European spring I came from and it was a long 45min off suffering out on the wide open highway. I think I never wished for rain and five degrees so much in my life as then. And yes, that thought certainly came back to hit me..

So now we are busy racing in Boise at the Exergy Tour, which is a great new UCI event put on the women’s calendar and the last two days here were exactly that temperature. It was so nice when we got in here last weekend but it suddenly dropped to around 8 degrees and rain. Guess my teammates can file the complaints about that to me..

But they don’t seem to be too bothered since they are riding awesome. Yesterday we displayed some great teamwork, and I was half crying, half smiling enjoying the suffering induced by holding Clara’s wheel and attempting to come around her and match her pulls.. Oh but it was all worth it when Ina took over the leaders Jersey!

And today we got an all Specialized-lululemon podium in the time trial!

Tomorrow we are heading in to the big mountains and with the top 4 in GC I’m sure it will be a very exciting day on the bike!

I really enjoy racing over here, so many people out watching, excited and cheering us on, it’s a great atmosphere and all is so professionally done! The races are even possible to watch on a tourtracker live stream on the net or on a phone app!

Since we have really early start times (maybe Ina would be off a different opinion) it leaves time for some rest and recovery in the afternoons at the hotel, and we’ve got in to this amazing habit of taking ice baths in the evenings, some going for it more seriously than others, and I had to laugh a little bit yesterday when Loren came out off it in her bike jersey at 10pm. But i also caught her tweeting from the ice bath…

This afternoon just passed by and its time to head for dinner, unfortunately no fajitas is being served, and I just got the news from home that Sweden won the Eurovison song contest, and you bet the Germans are gonna get to hear that at the dinner table tonight..