Typical? A blog by Carmen and Katie

So we are here for the second training camp of the 2013 season in Majorca. We plan to” make a lot of hours” on the bike again and hopefully a lot more stories telling for Dutch teammate Ellen van Dijk.
Yesterday we started off with 3.5hrs giving us plenty of time to create a slight retaliation to Ellen’s last post on getting to know our team….from a Euro perspective! We are here to now introduce our teammates from an American/British perspective, because “Oh My God they’re literally the same thing”.
Dutchies and Germans are very punctual, so we (Carmen and Katie) arrived 5 minutes early for our 10:30am departure on the bike, only to find we were the first. Hmmmm that’s unusual. We had friendly conversation with Ronny for 10 minutes and still no Ellen or Lisa, were they lost?! At 10:40 here comes Ellen, looking quite dishevelled and explaining there was “miscommunication” between the two of them. I guess the Ducth and the Germans can’t communicate properly, typical.
We then set out on a blistering pace lead by Dutchie towards the Randa climb, which was “totally awesome” and “OMG what beautiful views.”  The weather was “quite lovely” compared to the “terrible” conditions in London.


Later to arrive in the afternoon was Trixi Worrack aka Pixi aka bad ass German, just coming over from winning the German Cyclocross Nationals the previous day. In typical American style Carmen came over to say hi and congratulations, “Oh My God, OMG, you won Nationals! That is like sooo awesome! Aren’t you just so excited!?!” In typical emotionless German style, Trixi responded  “Ja, super” and continued unpacking. Though Trixi seems like a typical German, don’t let her fool you, she’s not. Pay attention when Trixi is saying something because either it’s very important or you’re gonna piss yourself laughing! And judging by her finishing picture she was more than thrilled to win Nationals.


The team members here in Majorca are the girls who will be competing in Qatar minus our Aussie representative Loren who will join us when we arrive in Qatar. Who is actually not as Aussie as she would like one to believe. She was born and raised in South Africa and has Dutch heritage. So, what does that really make her? She’s actually not typical anything, that’s how we like them!
Until next time,
Carmen and Katie