Pretty happy i would say (c)

Victory for Stevens on the Mur de Huy

Team Specialized-lululemon hit the jackpot in Belgium on Wednesday with Evelyn Stevens and her teammates winning one of the most prestigious races of the season, Fleche Wallone.

A race that, in its 12th year, has only been won by a handful of women and one that many bike riders fear and look forward to

Stevens took the win in a two-up sprint up the infamous Mur de Huy against four-time winner of the race Marianne Vos. With her teammates setting her up perfectly for the final climb, she was able to finish it of against on of the best bike riders in the world and take the victory of her career.

“It was an amazing,” said (or rather screamed) Stevens after the race. “I can’t believe it. I’ll probably have to keep saying it over and over.”

“The team rode perfectly all day and everything went to plan,” she explained. “ All the girls were amazing and when Vos and I caught Clara in her break, she immediately went to the front to drive it. It was perfect.

“I was able to sit in all day and wait for the last climb. The first time up the Mur I felt great and I then I knew I could do it if everything went right. On the last climb I was leading with Vos on my wheel and I took a gamble and backed off letting her attack. Then I came from behind.”

“When I realized she wasn’t coming back, I think I just screamed. I was so excited.”

Sport Director Ronny Lauke was also ecstatic with the victory. “It’s one of those races that you always hope you will win but it always seems just beyond reach,” he said. “Today was amazing. Each one of the girls did exactly what they were supposed to do and ended up with a very cool victory. This is a big success for the team and for all of our sponsors.”