Winning at the Exergy Tour – That’s something – A blog by Trixi Worrack

By Trixi Worrack

There has to be something more to cycling than victories. It is winning with the team and winning in the team. If you have ever experienced how it feels, like you are a lucky one. If not, then it’s a pity. There must be something about that emotion of working and winning as a team. We do have it in any case and we had the opportunity to do it again this week.

Also, there has to be something about being suffering on these climbs, in the wind and on some awfully rough roads. Seeing one of our team mates on the horizon with another rider when you yourself are struggling already sitting in the bunch, but knowing that she will tell you after the race that she had fun out there – that’s an interesting concept.  :)

We had a great week of racing in Idaho, winning the overall and few more jerseys on top of it. Ending up 1,2,3 in GC the sprinters and mountain jersey. It was a nice week.